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Sailing School

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We are very proud of our club's Sailing School and our ability to foster and develop sailing as a sport and pastime with those in our community that would like to participate. 2017 will be our fourth season of running a full time sailing school with Sail Canada Sail Canada Logo certified staff instructors and club owned equipment. We offer introductory to advanced instruction for ages 7 to adult.....

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Through out the sailing season the club hosts regular Wednesday evening and weekend race events. These events are open to all sailboats. If you don't own a boat come on out and get involved as a regular crew member on a race boat. Most boats are crewed with 3-5 people each race. This is a team sport and a great way to meet people and develop your sailing skills.....

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Cruising Rendezvous

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The club organises several rendezvous at anchorages that are within a few hours sail of Yellowknife each season. Cruising the vast waters of our lake can be very solitary. Rendezvous are a good excuse to share an anchorage, experiences, food and good times. Also a great way for new sailors to venture further from home under the watchful eyes of a flotilla.....


The Great Slave Sailing Club is located in the City of Yellowknife on the shores of Great Slave Lake in Canada's Northwest Territories. (62' 29' N 114' 22' W).

Great Slave Lake is the 5th largest lake in North America, and the 10th largest in the world. The lake has a surface area of 28,570 square kilometres. The sailing season is from early June to late September for the prudent, and into October for others.

The goals of the Great Slave Sailing Club are to promote the development of sailing, seamanship and navigational skills through the participation in sailing and club activities; the cultivation of an appreciation of Great Slave Lake as cruising waters; and to facilitate and provide youth the ability to become involved in the sport of sailing and all related activities for their own personal growth and community benefit.

NOTICE – MARCH 3, 2018
The club held it's 2017 AGM at the Yellowknife Library on February 4, 2018. The meeting was well attended. Everyone in attendance had the oportunity to review the 2017 Annual Report and minutes from the prior 2016 AGM. A new 2018 board of club directors was elected and contact information on the website has been updated. For anyone that would like to review a copy of the 2017 GSSC AGM ANNUAL REPORT please click on the link. Minutes from the 2017 AGM will be tabled for approval at the next AGM but the agenda notes from the February 4th meeting are included with the 2017 report.

NOTICE – MAY 29, 2018
The ice is out - the bay was cleared out on the afternoon of May 27th and we are going ahead with lift-in as planned on June 2nd. Follow this link to our most updated 2018 Events Schedule and watch our facebook site for the most current updates.