Our Club is located next to the Giant Mine site and provides direct access to Back Bay (part of Yellowknife Bay). The property currently holds about 80 vessels ranging in size from 14' through to 42', and launch areas provide for easy launching and retrieval of sailboats without the concern of removing masts.  Our clubhouse is used regularly for sailing school instruction, social events, and as a member resource.

Club cleanliness is a community effort.  The Board regularly organizes a club-wide cleaning day before the start of the season and typically in preparation for a public Open House.

  • 2023 Yard Clean-up is expected for June 17.

Lift-In & Lift-Out

The Club plans for at least one lift-in and lift-out event each season, which provides all members with an opportunity to utilize crane services for a shared & subsidized cost.  During lift-in and lift-out, to ensure access to all participating, all boats on-site are subject to being moved and relocated as deemed necessary by the Yardmaster.

  • 2023 Lift-in has been confirmed for Saturday, June 10, subject to conditions.
  • 2023 Lift-outs have not been confirmed yet.

Moving & Craning

Members are reminded that all activities that involve crane or heavy machinery services and/or moving other boats and trailers must be cleared with the Yardmaster beforehand.

Capital Plans

A Yard Electrification Proposal was presented in October 2013.

  • Phase 1 was completed in June 2014.
  • Phase 2 was completed in July 2015.
  • Phases 3 and 4 have been postponed in light of uncertainties around the Giant Mine Remediation Project.

Edited by Ben on June 5, 2020.