Our Club has it's roots in cruising and exploring the remote waters of Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories.  We are very fortunate to call Yellowknife home and to have these special waters on our doorstep.  During the sailing season, we organize day trips and weekend/overnight gatherings at well-known anchorages, such as Mackenzie Island, Romance Harbour (West Mirage Islands) and Moose Bay. These are great opportunities for the uninitiated to venture a bit further from their moorings and for seasoned veterans departing for or returning to the East Arm to meet up for some story telling, good food and good company.

For more about our cruising events, please contact our .


Official nautical charts for Great Slave Lake and surrounding waters are available at MSS Ltd. or by searching Maps Canada.

Buyer Beware: Digital charts provided by GPS providers vary in detail, and many do not include adequate or accurate information about the waters and hazards of Great Slave Lake.

Bays & Anchorages

A must for those that want to start to explore Great Slave Lake is the cruising guide, which highlights and details various anchorages throughout the North Arm and East Arm.

George Divecky (Captain Crunch) created various updates and additions to the Cruising Guide: 

Please help the Club by sharing your stories and experiences in the various anchorages you've chosen or been forced to call home for a night or two.  To contribute, send your notes to the .

For current information on events dates and times check out the club's Facebook site.

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