GSSC Communications & Board Contacts

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about the club please feel free to contact one of the board members listed below to discuss your query.

We do our best to publish newsletters and provide updates through our website to keep the membership informed but we do so as volunteer hours permit.

We encourage those that have a specific interest in an area of operations or development of the club to contact the board directly for further information or to register as a volunteer.

The Board of Directors of the GSSC are a volunteer board that are selected annually at each Annual General Meeting of the members (typically held in November of each year).

The board have a set meeting on the last Tuesday of every month throughout the year. Full members are welcome to attend any board meeting. If you would like the opportunity to speak at a board meeting you are encouraged to do so. The process is to contact the Membership Director and ask to have your item added to the next meeting's agenda under "new business".

To confirm the location and time of the next board meeting please contact the Membership Director. Meetings typically run from 7:30pm to 9:00pm with new business being late in the agenda.

2017 GSSC Board

Ian McCrea             Commodore
Stephen Jeffery                    Vice-Commodore
Chuck Jeffery             Purser
Mira Dunn         Membership Director
James Hodson                 Yard Master
Mark Hillman                  Mooring Master
Tamlin Gilbert             Training Coordinator
John Carr          Race Coordinator
Mike Scott                  Communications Director
Sherry Drover        Social Director
-Vacant-                      Past Commodore     

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(Last Update - March 3, 2018)