GSSC Boat Yard

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Our club is located next to the Giant Mine site on Back Bay. We lease a parcel of land from the City of Yellowknife which provides direct access to the water and permits boat storage for sailboats without trailers within a crane swing of the water's edge. Our Boat yard contains approximately 80 vessels ranging in size from 14' through to 42'. Our boat yard also contains natural launch areas which permit the launching and retrieval of sailboats on trailers without the concern of removing masts. On site we have a clubhouse used to provide sailing school instruction and to host events for guests and members.....


2016 Club Lift-in Scheduled for Saturday, June 4th

2016 Club Lift-Out Scheduled Saturday, September 17th

Next General Facilty Planning Session with membership will be in May 2016 at the GSSC - Tenative Date May 21, 2pm at clubhouse (tbc).

Phase two of the Yard Electrification Propoasal presented in October 2013 was completed in July 2015.


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(Last Update - November 18, 2015)