GSSC cruising

Our sailing club has it's roots in cruising and exploring the remote waters of Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories.  We are very fortunate to call Yellowknife home and to have these special waters on our door step.

A must for those that want to start to explore Great Slave Lake is the cruising guide:
"A Guide To... Great Slave Lake Bays and Anchorages"

The guide highlights various anchorages and provides details on each anchorage.   The 2nd edition to the guide is available for purchase through MSS Ltd in Hay River.   (Item number is 570-9998 Linked Above) At the bottom of this page are some members' notes updating infomation to the Guide

During the Sailing Season we organize gatherings out on the lake such as a pancake breakfast at Romance Harbour, a BBQ and potluck at MacKenzie Island and a Steak Fry Supper in Moose Bay over the Civic Holiday weekend.  These are great opportunities for the uninitiated to venture a bit further from their moorings and for seasoned veterans departing for or returning to the East Arm to meet up for some story telling, good food and good company.

If you want to find out more about our cruising events please contact our . If you would like to find out more about our club and the various activities we provide make sure you don't miss our club Open House in June.

Thank you George (Capt. Crunch) for making the following Cruising Guide Updates availble online through your website. Please help George with his maps and information along with the rest of the GSL sailors by sharing your stories and experiences in the various anchorages you've chosen or been forced to call home for a night or two.

If you would like to contribute in adding material to this portion of the website please send your notes to George (Capt. Crunch) or the .

For current information on events dates and times check out the club's Facebook site.

(Last Update - November 19, 2015)