GSSC Mooring Field

Most of our club's members with sailboats choose to moor their boats in the mooring field that is located off shore from the club. The club does not having regular docking facilities however we have a pier that permits bringing vessels to shore in order to pickup guests, provision for a trip, or conduct repairs. As the pier is shared there is no overnight use permitted. Members may secure small tenders for accessing moorings to their cradles, trailers, or on the tender racking provided by the club. Individual moorings are owned and maintained by the boat owners. The club does occaionally We have online information on mooring construction and placement below.

GSSC Mooring Construction Guide

Concrete Moorings

Guide to Private Nav Aids

The club does occasionally maintain an inventory of pre-made mooring weights available for purchase by members.  Pre-made mooring weights are assembled by welding grader blades together in a solid mass (see guide) and have a welded chain link as an attachment point for chain.  Individuals are still required to source out chain, swivels, buoys, and pennants.

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(Last Update - November 18, 2015)