Join the Club

Our club depends on the dues and fees collected from our membership to sustain the life of the club but also to undertake the ongoing capital projects that provide the membership with an increase to the quality of facilities.

Recent projects have included repairs and resurfacing of the pier, repairs to the clubhouse decking, cleaning and resurfacing of portions of the boat yard, improved toilet facilities, addition of picnic tables, increased signage, lowered dinghy docks, construction of anchor yanker, dinghy racks, racing marks, sailing school coach boats, sailing school boats, construction of a power house... The list goes on.

We continue to strive to provide an increasing level of facilities that help us obtain the goals of the club and to provide members and guests with facilities that encourage the regular use of the property beyond simple boat storage. We encourage members to come down to simply relax, visit and enjoy the water front.

We have three standard categories of membership: Full Membership, Associate Membership & Sailing School Membership. The benefits of each membership class is described below.

We welcome members' guests but encourage those participating in regular club events such as racing, cruising and social events to support our club, the local sailing community and become better informed on upcoming events by becoming members of the Great Slave Sailing Club.

REMINDER: Memberships are NOT transferable between individuals. Memberships are issued to the individual, not their boat. Members selling boats to non-members must advise the new owners that membership is a requirment to operate a boat from our club and make arangments to assist with the membership process or remove all property asscociated with the sold boat from the club's facilities.

Edited by Ben on June 9, 2020.