Mooring Field

Many members choose to moor their sailboats in the mooring field adjacent to the Club's boatyard. The Club's wharf enables boaters to pick up guests, load/unload provisions, and conduct shore-side repairs. NOTE: The wharf is a shared space; overnight use is not permitted.

Members may also utlize the Club's tender/dinghy racks and docks.  Individual moorings are privately owned and maintained by boat owners, as are dinghies/tenders and other assets.


Please use the following guides when constructing your mooring and mooring systems.

The Club occasionally maintains an inventory of pre-made mooring weights available for purchase by members.  Pre-made mooring weights are assembled by welding grader blades together in a solid mass and have a welded chain link as an attachment point for chain.  They do not include chain, swivels, buoys, and pennants.

For more information are mooring construction and placement, please contact the .

Edited by Ben on June 5, 2020.