Throughout the sailing season, GSSC hosts regular Wednesday evening and weekend race events, as well as special racing events like the Moose Bay regatta and Commissioner's Cup.

Unless otherwise noted, races are open to all sailboats.

Race Crews and New Sailors

For those who don't own boats, being part of a crew is an excellent way to experience sailing. Many boats are open to new crew members for regular Wednesday and weekend races, and the Club facilitates a crew list and drop-in opportunities.

Race Instructions & Handicaps

All races are governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing and our Sailing Instructions.  All race captains must be familiar with the rules and instructions prior to racing.

Races are also subject to handicaps, which allow all boats in all classes to compete against each other.  Handicaps also enable the Club to organize staggered start races that pivot all boats the direct competition for the finish line.

2023 Schedule

WED, JUN 21 Wednesday Series #1 [1/4] (white sails only)
SUN, JUN 25 Sunday Series [1/4]
WED, JUN 28 Wednesday Series #1 [2/4] (white sails only)
WED, JUL 5 Wednesday Series #1 [3/4] (white sails only)
SUN, JUL 9 Novice Skipper Race
WED, JUL 12 Wednesday Series #1 [4/4] (white sails only)
SUN, JUL 16 Sunday Series [2/4]
WED, JUL 19 Wednesday Series #2 [1/4]
SUN, JUL 23 Solo Cup
WED, JUL 26 Wednesday Series #2 [2/4]
SUN, JUL 30 Pursuit Race
WED, AUG 2 Wednesday Series #2 [3/4]
SAT, AUG 5 Moose Bay Cup [1/2]
SUN, AUG 6 Moose Bay Cup [2/2]
WED, AUG 9 Wednesday Series #2 [4/4]
SUN, AUG 13 Sunday Series [3/4]
WED, AUG 16 Wednesday Series #3 [1/4]
SUN, AUG 20 Mid-Distance (Pitcairn/Sub Islands) Race
WED, AUG 23 Wednesday Series #3 [2/4]
SUN, AUG 27 Sunday Series [4/4]
WED, AUG 30 Wednesday Series #3 [3/4]
WED, SEP 6 Wednesday Series #3 [4/4]
FRI, SEP 15 Snowball Cup

Race Committee

The Race Committee referees regular races.  It is their role to confirm and adjust start/finish lines and markers as needed, to confirm and announce the start times of races, and to confirm the finish times of each boat.  This Committee is made up of dedicated volunteers who report directly to the Race Director.

This Committee is separate from the Protest Committee, which is appointed by the Race Director if and when a racer protests a judgement call or the actions of another racer.


We have had very generous sponsors in the past and continue to encourage and solicit businesses to sponsor our race events.  Sponsorship enables us to maintain and improve our racing program and equipment.

Edited by Ben on June 5, 2020.